Blonde Rebel Yell

Melissa Bell is about to go on the road with The Future Creatives tour starting on the Gold Coast this October. We thought we would find out a little more about her collection and what we can look forward to seeing in her workshops.

Why do you want to be a part of THE FUTURE CREATIVES?

I am the next Future Creative because I’m excited about education, sharing ideas, techniques and passionate about our Industry.

What are your strengths and how will you inspire others?

I want to bring that passion to the next generation of Stylists and have THE FUTURE CREATIVES 2016 a team of inspiration which will inspire and amazed people. The opportunity to work alongside a team of likeminded people and make a difference.

Tell us a little bit about the Collection?

“Blonde Rebel” is a “Glamorous Urban Woman” fashion and trend orientated. There are 3 Rebels in this collection, each with their own unique qualities and expectations. The only question you need to ask is, "Which one are you?".

What was the inspiration?

Encapsulating the culture, fashion and trends that are found on the streets.

Bronde Rebel

#Sombre Bronde Rebel she is a warmer bronzed with a mixture of balayage techniques (directional Application and heavier Saturation) using a combination of Powder and Crème Lighteners to create dimension and tone. This trend will need strong colour knowledge of underlying pigment for tinted and natural hair.

Dirty Rebel

Everyone loves a dirty BLONDE, Traditional Ombre with darker root stretch and balayage ends. This trend needs contrast and a beautiful fade through colour-smudging techniques. Usually cooler chrome and titanium tones are used.

Classic Rebel

This conservative blonde likes the natural side of colour with soft tones and gentle colours, no heavy applications or products to be used. Soft baby-lights in a micro stitch weaves, in a diagonal halo formation around the hairline and gently balayage through mid-lengths to ends to give an elegant sun-kissed finish. Root shadowing can also be used to soften off old colour and foil build up.