A bright and bold Future

The Future Creatives Team sat down with the talented Hung Tran to discuss his "Bio-Futura" collection that he will be presenting on the The Future Creatives tour starting this October. 

Why do you want to be a part of THE FUTURE CREATIVES?

To share my talents and abilities to create outstanding work on a regular basis, to inspire and mentor others and to effectively create constant opportunities for the team to participate in the industry and local events. The three basic rules that will always be a constant reminder of my successes are; self-reflection, self-acknowledgement and consistency.

What are your strengths and how will you inspire others?

My strengths extend beyond the application of a normal colour service or the basic of foundations of cutting. My creative niche can be observed through my colour work as it is all about the melting of bright contradicting tones together to create a bold statement, a vocal point where the viewer can appreciate the intricate details that compliments the style.

Tell us a little bit about the Collection?

“Bio-Futura” a vision of the future of hair colour. My collection focuses on recreating feather-like textures, floral palettes and abnormal patterns found in our biological surroundings, and embodies this into my hair direction. A world of beauty where flora and fauna coincide as a symbiosis, which evolves together and adapts to seasonal changes

What was the inspiration?

Inspired by the necessary movement that repels from artificial and manufactured, and instead focuses on our natural biodiversity. Envision a utopian earth, unravaged by man. Birds dominate the skies, plants and trees are overgrown and lush. The collections emulates that of these natural textures of wind blow feathers from birds soaring through the air, of grassy overgrown plains drifting with the wind. My collection aims to draw you to a seamless movement of windswept textures.

What are the main techniques used?

Melting of bold tones, replica of animal patterns/palette, fusion of flora and landscapes and displays of technical colour techniques.The focus and vision for colour must be bold, consist of a balance where not only it enhances the complexity of the haircut, but forces the observer to look at focal points designed by the bleeding and patterned tones. A fusion expression of naturalistic and animalistic characteristics where wind influences angles, encouraged by the free-flowing layers creating dominating shapes. The inspiration of bird-like features and the contradicting vibrant/natural tones represents the unity of flora and fauna living cohesively together.