A big day out with Melissa Bell

The Future Creatives tour kicked off with a bang this spring, with our ambassador Melissa Bell running her full-day workshop and look & learn techniques demonstration at the Norris Bundall store on the iconic Gold Coast.

The full-day guests spent a spectacular day with Melissa Bell, learning balayage techniques and skill theory in the morning and then spent the afternoon getting hands on with their own freehand balayage designs on their mannequin heads. The group of 8 hairdressers that attended were wonderful and everyone pushed themselves and tried out the techniques Melissa presented.

Melissa pumped up the gear again after the full-day workshop to present her Blonde Rebel collection Look & Learn Techniques evening with two beautiful models, Abbey & Natalie. Melissa prepped the models on Sunday and presented the before photos with the live action models on the night. A crowd of 20 guests arrived and had a wonderful evening with drinks & nibbles, all while watching Melissa in action present her baby light techniques on model Abbey and balayage skills on a mannequin head. 

Melissa finished the night with some creative styling on Natalie using chains and hair piercings to rock up her look. By all accounts the feedback we received for both events was incredible. Big thanks to Melissa for putting on two successful shows and thanks to everyone that attended, we hope that all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home truly inspired by Melissa's shows.

- The Future Creatives Team